What could you achieve with a BT (not just a PT)?

The start of a new year is a well recognised time for health and fitness regimes to kick off, a time to refocus and bring new drive and determination to our personal lives. But what about our businesses? It’s a perfect time to refocus here too.

This is my eighth January as a business owner and I’ve discovered there are key approaches and must-do’s if you want to create a successful year in business, right from the start:

  1. Avoid trying to do all the things – it’s often tempting to thing you have enough time and energy to achieve everything you want in a relatively short space of time (been there!). You’ve had a good rest of the holidays and before the routine starts up again you’re feeling optimistic and ambitious. Hold onto these feelings by not trying to overachieve – temper your ambition with a a reality check. I’m not saying don’t shoot for the moon, but stay mindful of your health and your other commitments or you risk feelings of failure if you don’t hit every single target by the end of January.
  2. Stick to the plan – invest time creating your business plan for the year, before chunking it down into quarters and creating your marketing plan. This way you can sense check any marketing activity and spend and get really clear on which channels and methods you’ll be using to bring business in. Of course you may come up with new ideas throughout the year, but having your basic plan scoped out and in place from January will mean you’re less likely to waste time developing or marketing things that are a distraction from your main goal – avoiding shiny object syndrome.
  3. Focus on selling every single day – getting organised is great and brings huge feelings of satisfaction – but don’t forget you’re only a business if you makes sales. Don’t feel confident selling? Check out my short course that has already had great results for my clients and turned them from selling scaredy cats (been there too!) to sales superstars.
  4. Get support. In the same way a Personal Trainer brings faster, more focused results, having business support on hand means that you can have questions answered quickly, can learn how to do things that are currently holding you back and will get to where you want to go much more quickly that you could alone. Not only that, it’s fun to have company on your business journey! Check out all the different ways I can provide this support for you, whether in my membership community or via 1-2-1 support if you would like my personal attention to ensure you maximise your results this year. (Please familiarise yourself with the investment required to work with me 1-2-1 before booking a Discovery Call).

This time last year I invested in a new business coach (having worked with different coaches from early on and at various stages of each business) and for 2019 I’ve signed up to an online Mastermind, supported by Live Masterminds in London. My experience has been that it’s crucial to invest  both mentally and financially in your business if you want to create big changes this year. My clients agree too. So when you’re considering a PT to help you achieve your goals, don’t forget to consider a BT too.