Tips for getting your marketing organised before the dreaded “summer slump”.

I’m pretty sure you’ve been in the room with other business owners and you’ve heard them talk about the “summer slump” they’re experiencing. Their clients disappear to faraway lands and suddenly their income drops. But I’m here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the norm!

I have been there, and I have learned and put in place so much that I want to share with you. I’ve adapted my business and have figured out ways to keep my income stream consistent over the summer and throughout the year.

This blog will help you get your marketing organised before summer and avoid that ‘summer slump’ that many businesses experience. I experienced this in the past, so you don’t have to!

Worried about the summer slump?

My summer bummer

A few years ago, one of my businesses, Step It Up Dance, always seemed to wind down at the end of the summer term. Classes ceased, families went away for the July holiday or were tied up doing other activities. Which meant no more cash coming in for classes.

As a business owner, I just got on with it. I sat back and rode it out, accepting that this was the way it might always be. That is …until we crossed the VAT threshold after two years in business and I was slammed with a somewhat chunky VAT bill in August. Suddenly, something had to change, and fast.

Obviously, I was worried about this summer slowdown becoming a regular occurrence and it wobbled me, wondering if the business was sustainable if it carried on this way.

But being a Brilliant Business Builder means I needed to step back and reflect. Why is this happening and what can I do about it?

Make change happen

After a pause for reflection, I knew what I had to do. I had to review my cash flow, look at the structure of the business and figure out how to generate a regular income so I didn’t experience the same shock again.

For me, it was a case of switching up my business model. Instead of termly booked classes, we changed to a monthly subscription. Parents get to spread the cost throughout the year, and the business now has a steadier income, with no dreaded dip over the summer break.

However, the VAT bills never get any smaller, so I knew I had to increase income levels too. And that’s what I did, by introducing additional income streams. Staying summer-specific, I launched summer camps for Step It Up Dance, to generate some additional revenue AND provide my team with regular work during the summer months. These have been a real hit with families, who are always looking for childcare that keeps kids active, engaged and entertained. And for me, the camps have brought security and assurance that money will keep flowing into my business account. And over the years we’ve extended the camps to other holidays too.

Both of these changes have kept the business afloat, ensuring that I’m generating regular income and no longer having a summer slump that could leave me and my business in a vulnerable position.

So what can you do?

You’re a female founder with enough savvy to be researching ways to improve your business, so you’re already on the right path! Let’s get those cogs turning…

Now it’s your turn to think about how you can get organised before the summer, to guarantee you a steady income stream.

Launch something new!

This could be about launching new seasonal products or services that might work for your business, like I did with the Step It Up Dance camps. Perhaps you’ve got a specific offer that you could sell in the run up – maybe a 6-week coaching course or yoga classes? Whatever your area of expertise, I am convinced that you have the potential to steer clear of the summer slump!

Ask your customers for ideas – they’re bound to think of ways to help you innovate within your business. Use customer feedback to work out where you can improve things, or collaborate with another business to create something exciting for the summer together!

Switch it up!

Switching our business model for Step It Up Dance to monthly subscriptions was an absolute game changer. Where in your business could you make a change to regulate your cash flow? Could you introduce a monthly subscription service that will help your customers spread their payments? Or perhaps you want to think about starting a pay monthly membership. Sometimes moving things online, building in affiliate links or creating an on-demand service can work too.

Get organised!

It can also be about getting organised, and really getting clear about your messaging. You want to give your customers reasons to buy in July. And that means you need to get started now, scheduling content and figuring out a marketing strategy that shows them exactly why they need what you’ve got over the summer!

Ask me for help!

Based on my own experience, I really believe that summer can be a big hurdle for most businesses – unless they have thought ahead.

As a marketing strategist, I work with clients to get them organised. By supporting you in your business marketing strategy I can help you to ensure that you have consistent cash flow throughout July.

If this sounds like something you’d like help with, we need to get started ASAP!

1-2-1 Private Coaching with me

I have extremely limited availability to work with one or two new 1-2-1 clients from the start of June. We’ll delve into your business and I’ll help you understand how marketing can drive you forward and grow your business. We’ll work on your confidence and develop strategies to get you organised and make you more efficient, giving you more time to enjoy your business and not get bogged down in worrying about making sales.


Six weeks of my expertise!

Alternatively, you can book onto my 6 week Marketing Intensive. This really is as intense as it sounds! But all the hard work you put in you’ll gain in return so much more. You’ll have weekly 90 minute calls with me, and I’ll support you in between online with any support you need. Not to mention workbooks to boost your confidence and help you gain clarity!

We’ll get you super-focused on your marketing, developing a plan that’ll have you fighting off clients in no time at all, bringing in a reliable, regular income. You’ll learn how to raise awareness, create demand, generating bigger and better sales – and ultimately make more profit!

But don’t hesitate! Spaces to work with me are extremely limited, so get in touch now to find out more!

If you’re ready to focus on building your business then I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Niki x