Spend less on your marketing and be seen more

When starting and growing a business, the number and range of marketing options can feel completely overwhelming to the point where it can feel impossible to choose the right ones for you. Often you, as the business owner, are left wondering where and what to spend money on (and importantly, which ‘irresistible opportunities’ you must avoid.

You can achieve massive awareness amongst your target audience without overspending or wastage.

When I started my first business, I spent the first year and beyond focusing on being seen in as many places as possible by my ideal customers. I invested as much of that first year’s turnover as possible in marketing, building awareness of my new business and making sure potential customers saw the brand, heard about the services being offered and were given the opportunity to try and to buy – multiple times.

We are constantly bombarded with marketing messages from the moment we get up until we go to bed every single day. Think about how you can cut through this noise, how often will you reach out to your potential customers, what will your message be and what time will these potential customers be in the right frame of mind to hear from you?

Before you spend any money at all, think about all of the possible places your ideal customers could potentially come into contact with your brand. These might include at home (via direct mail), on their daily commute (on a poster or flyer in their area), at work (via an email), on the school run (via a facebook ad viewed on their phone), etc. etc. Spending time thinking about all of these marketing channels and which would be the most effective will help you to narrow down which options are worth investing in for your business. Always remember that only your ideal customers need to feel they have seen you ‘everywhere’, not everyone else. Don’t spread your marketing budget too thin or you will feel like you are marketing your business everywhere but your ideal customers won’t remember seeing you anywhere.

As soon as you register your business, or begin advertising in even one publication, you will become a target for a whole raft of sales reps. Expect to receive regular calls asking you to commit to advertising with them. Ask yourself several questions before you invest in any form of advertising in order to avoid wasting time and money:

  • Is this likely to create opportunities and/or income for my business?
  • Am I being consistent with my branding and in my messaging?
  • Am I reaching out to potential customers via a channel and at a time that is likely to suit them?

You can achieve massive awareness amongst your target audience without overspending or wastage. Here are my top tips and things to think about when trying to increase awareness of your business and make sure your potential customers see you ‘everywhere’ without spending a fortune.

  • WHO: Spend time thinking about exactly who your ideal customers are, if in doubt go niche
  • HOW: Think about how they want to be communicated with and how you can engage them
  • WHERE: Think about where you can find your ideal customers – what channels should you be using?
  • WHEN: Think about the best times to communicate with them and when they will be most open to hearing your message and acting on it
  • CTA: Remember your call to action – make it easy for your ideal customers to buy from you, spell out exactly what you are offering and how they can find out more about it and ultimately buy it from you.

On that note, here’s my call to action: Imagine feeling consistently supported and having accountability and expertise on hand. Imagine having someone there to guide you as you create an amazing brand that you will be proud of and that will up-level your business. You can access all of that. Book your free Discovery Call with me here and let’s make it happen.