Not another membership…

If, like me, you’ve been part of the online business world for a while (…or, let’s face it: if you simply have a business Facebook account) you’re probably aware of the multiple online memberships and courses on offer. Perhaps you’re already a member of some. I’m currently a member of two, on top of running my own, We Are Brilliant Business Builders: The Membership.

So why have I launched in this busy market and what makes my membership different?

Firstly, my membership is small and highly engaged and is the place I spend most of my time online. This makes becoming a member THE most affordable way to access me directly and have your urgent questions answered fast. I’m in there every single day answering questions for every individual member who asks, on any business subject, at any time.

Daily business support

On Mondays there’s an Accountability Thread so that you can share your priorities and goals for the week ahead (did you know that the very act of writing down your goals and declaring them publicly means that you are far more likely to achieve them?). This is followed up on a Friday with a Check-in Thread so that you can remind yourself of what you said you would achieve and celebrate having achieved it (or start making plans to achieve more next week).

On Tuesday evenings there’s an Ask Me Anything Thread which is loads of fun. I just online every week between 8-9pm and members post any business-related question they have, and I answer it for them or offer them advice. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll tag someone in the group who will, or I’ll point members in the direction of sources to find the answer fast. The record number of comments so far is 90, but I’m pretty sure that will be beaten soon!

Every Thursday I do a Facebook live training within the membership on a huge range of marketing and business topics such as (just a small example here) how to identify your ideal customers, where to find your ideal customers, how to identify your brand values, the most efficient way to increase your visibility and how to sell without feeling salesy.

Finally, to round off the week on Friday mornings there’s a Check-in Thread. This is your opportunity to remind yourself of the goals you set on Monday and gives that accountability that we all need to see what action we’ve taken towards achieving those goals. It’s a very positive thread, so even if you haven’t achieved everything you wanted to, it’s a good chance to remember what you have achieved and to plan out steps for the rest of the week if there’s still more to do.

What else do members get?

Being a member also means free access to a selection of my online courses. During their first month of membership, Founder Members gained free access to my Switch Up Your Mindset and Supercharge Your Sales course – recouping the total cost of their first month of membership instantly! This will be a regular feature, along with Member Hotseats – the opportunity for individual members to have a live 1-2-1 with me inside the group and get their most pressing questions answered.

The membership launched a month ago and over time (soon!), I will be adding in more and more online content but the price you pay when you sign up, is the price you pay for good – even when the price increases for new members.

All of this for around a pound a day AND you can cancel at any time – so if an online membership is something that appeals to you then you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by checking this one out. The membership doors have just opened again and I’d love to welcome you in.

Niki x

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