BYA Live 2019

My key takeaways from Janet Murray’s Build Your Audience Live event in London

It’s always a big decision to attend a live event, particularly at the other end of the country. However, I took the opportunity to book my spot at Janet Murray’s Build Your Audience Live several months ago and having just experienced some major learning during the two-day event, I can say with confidence that it was the right decision.

As a member of her membership and mastermind, I roughly knew what I could expect from Janet and wasn’t disappointed. However, it was my first time hearing from many of the other speakers. Chosen well, live events offer you amazing opportunities to step outside of the day-to-day and to work on yourself, your business and gain clarity on how to really switch things up. It’s also worth being really brave, stepping outside of your comfort zone, approaching the experts you want to learn from and grabbing every opportunity that presents itself in order to get the biggest return on your investment. That’s exactly what I did when May King Tsang suggested we film a quick live video on the streets of London after yesterday’s event. Gavin Bell also got involved and we were able to deliver a fun, informal rundown on why it might be worth considering adding Twitter into your marketing plan.

Impromptu video on the streets of London discussing the merits of Twitter.

BYA Live was a relaxed event with plenty of time to chat to each speaker should you wish. I love relaxed, intimate events like this, which is why this is also the format at my regular live events in Edinburgh. Speaking of Scotland, it was refreshing to hear from two Scottish digital experts (Gavin Bell & Colin Gray), still a rarity at a London-based event.

There’s a thriving business scene in Scotland and if you’re based there (or prepared to travel!) I’m running a live event in Edinburgh, with Coach & Trainer Emma Dempsey, in October. Sign up to be first to find out the details.

Each speaker at BYA Live delivered insightful presentations jam-packed with information and suggestions which, combined with in-person chats with each of them, means that I’m travelling home full of new ideas, fresh thinking on the direction of my business and with a focused to-do list.

For me, the overall theme of Build Your Audience Live, reiterated by every speaker bar none, was the need to clearly understand what your audience is searching for. This need for a deep understanding of your customer’s pain points should be your starting point and must influence your activity across all channels and platforms including SEO, Twitter, instagram, podcasts, facebook ads, live video, LinkedIn, blogs, YouTube, Pinterest and email marketing.

We were served a timely reminder that whatever your message and however you decide to communicate that message, make sure it’s one your customers really, truly need, and want, to hear from you.

So a huge thank you to Janet and her team and to all of the fabulous speakers: Matt Eldridge, May King Tsang, Kirsty Merritt, Colin Gray, Jeff Sieh, Jess Dante, Gavin Bell and Ian Anderson Gray. I can’t wait for next year.

(Photo credit Catherine Berry Entirely Catherine Photography)