Get intentional about your intentions

I get it. You’re a busy woman running a business, juggling (and sometimes struggling) everything you have to do in business and in life. Women are adept at managing many things which means we often end up doing just that, day in, day out.

But when was the last time you invested any time in yourself and your business? When did you last take at step back and look in on things?

It’s absolutely vital to regularly withdraw from working IN your business so that you can work ON it. So that you can look in at everything you’re doing, decide which things you’re enjoying, which are working well, which are generating the most profit.

And equally, which are not.

Then you can get intentional about which things you want to continue, which things you want to change and how you want your business to look in three, six, twelve months time and beyond.

It’s vital to withdraw from working in your business so that you can work on it.

In the early days of my first business I chased every opportunity and that helped me achieve fast growth. It was later on though, that the profits started to build.

This happened once I became intentional about which key aspects of the business I wanted to grow, got clear on my reasoning behind this, dug deep into all aspects of the business from the financials through to the priorities for my team and worked out which income streams I no longer wanted to focus on and why.

If you’re yawning at this stage and thinking: yada yada, income, profit, I just want to have fun … then I get it! But the thing is, once you get intentional and identify what you want from your business that will quickly equal more profit. And more profit means you can invest in growing the business your way.

And guess what? Doing things your way equals more fun!

I love supporting driven, determined women to have more fun in their businesses AND crucially help them to create successful, financially stable, business growth too.

I have a couple of coaching spaces opening up in September so if you want to

  • Get intentional within your business
  • Set business (and fun) goals
  • Hit those goals before the year is out

Book in a Discovery Call and let’s get intentional! I can’t wait to hear all about your business.

Niki x