What can Kylie teach us about business?

5 things we can learn about business from Kylie Minogue

I know what you’re probably thinking: how on earth is this relevant to me and my business? But Kylie Minogue is an incredibly resilient and powerful woman who has ridden the rollercoaster of fame since the 1980s and there’s so much we can learn from her journey. So let me break it down for you.

1. A career change might be the start of something phenomenal

When we first met Kylie she was a denim loving mechanic, Charlene, in our favourite Australian soap, Neighbours. And then she took a leap of faith and had a go at becoming a pop star. Which worked out pretty well for her. And this is something many of us have experienced too (maybe on a sliiiiightly smaller and less famous scale…) because I bet most of you were working a 9-5 and began your business as a side-hustle; or maybe you still are?

So the lesson here is: give it your all. Make that break, and give your business all that you can. Changing careers and chasing your dreams is possible (no matter what that voice in your head is telling you!).

2. Reinvention is the key to longevity

After 30 years in the industry, Kylie knows exactly how to
how to reinvent herself. Whether it was her switching from cheesy duets with ex co-star Jason Donavon to dark and mysterious Nick Cave, and then again to dance music diva, or her more recent dabbling in the country music scene, Kylie knows how to take control of Brand Kylie. And she does this because she is aware of the importance of longevity.

If she’s going to be in this game for another couple of decades, she’s got to grow with her audience and move with the times. And as business owners, there’s something we can learn here. If you’re not happy with how things are going, make a change. If you want to be a business that’s here for the long-run, you need to make regular assessments to see where you can tweak things, giving your brand more longevity.

Kylie Minogue - reinvention and global icon

3. Grow with your audience

Kylie is the absolute Queen of growing with her audience. The same people who adored her as Charlene in Neighbours still listen to her singles being played on Radio 2. If she’d stuck with the same vacuous Waterman chart toppers, she’d have lost her audience and would have dated very quickly. And that goes for her look and the way she marketed herself, as well as her sound.

She moved away from crimping and perms the same time as her audience grew out of them, moving on instead to a straightened more sleek look. She also realised the power of her own voice, and began to speak out about issues that meant something to her. As business owners, we should heed this and align ourselves with causes that fit with our brands, and make necessary adjustments to grow with our followers. As long as your core values stay the same, they’ll stick with you.

4. Know how to breed brand loyalty

There’s no Marmite feelings over Kylie – she’s pretty much loved by everyone. She has spent her entire career creating feelings of fondness and warmth among a huge cross-section of fans. And that takes a lot of hard work.

So how can we replicate this in our own businesses? By being authentic. Staying true to what we believe in, and making sure everything we do is aligned to that. If you’re a vegan make-up brand, you don’t want to be working with an influencer who eats steak tartar at the weekend. Every choice you make has to be “on brand” or a form of reinvention.

It also pays to be kind to your audience and show that you value their loyalty. Run your business with positivity and see the good karma come your way.

5. Prioritising self care

Sometimes we have to put our health – whether that’s physical or mental – first. Kylie demonstrated this impeccably when, in 2005 aged 36, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not only did she take time out from her world tour, she advocated for self care: ‘Someone had said to me at the time, “You need to be a little bit selfish”. It’s not in my nature to be selfish but now is the time to do that let people take care of you. And…that’s what I did.’ Kylie’s gone on to champion breast cancer campaigns for various charities.

It is imperative that you look after yourself. You cannot give 100% to your business if you’re not feeling okay. There’s that saying about “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and it’s so true. Take a leaf out of Kylie’s book and be a little selfish sometimes.

Watching Kylie adapt and grow her brand over the last 3 decades, I know I’ve taken inspiration from her that I use every day in my business – The Simplicity Concept.

I’d love to know if you’ve been inspired by her too. Why not head over to my free Facebook group – Brilliant Business Builders Community – and share your story!

See you in there.

Niki x