3 reasons why joining my membership will help you grow your business

We Are Brilliant Business Builders: The Membership is a platform I created for you to really up-level your business skills and get clear on how to market your brand. Learning from my experience, benefiting from my marketing expertise, all within a community of other amazing women, you’ll find yourself wondering, “Why didn’t Niki create this membership sooner?!”

Maximise your business success with a membership that’ll help you grow.

There are two levels of membership – both with phenomenal value. And I’ve done this because asking you to invest in your business when you’re just starting out is so tricky. I know: I’ve been there! But I continue to invest in my business again and again for one simple reason: it works. Trust me, you can take the leap and you can choose the level that will work best for you.

1.) Private online group for Brilliant Business Builders

The first level gives you access to the private Facebook group, where I deliver business know-how every single day, giving you the tips you need to move your business forward. It’s a great way to work with me and tap into my expertise on a daily basis. I’m in there doing live trainings each week, and you can participate in the various threads we have going on, including the chance to “Ask Me Anything”. And you can participate in Member Hot-seats where I coach you live in the group and watch me interview guest experts and ask them questions on the lives too!

2.) Courses to develop your business skills

As if that wasn’t enough brilliance already, with this first level of membership, you also get FREE access to a selection of my online courses and a members discount of 20% on the rest. If you go for the next level of membership, you can have all of the above – my teachings, support, accountability you need to grow in confidence and visibility – and so much more. The All-in package gives you a whole new way of working with me, outside of Facebook.

3.) Masterminds to elevate your business

As part of the All-in Package, members can attend your choice of any four Masterminds sessions I run in Edinburgh throughout the year. So every quarter, you get the opportunity to really focus on your business, a chance to switch off from the admin and emails, and figure out a way forward. As a trained facilitator, experienced marketer, (double) business owner and marketing strategist, I run these sessions to ensure you get the most from them. We talk through your problems, brainstorm solutions and plan out your next steps! I’ve been where you are – I understand how overwhelming it can be – so these are a great chance for you to network in a safe and supportive space and have your biggest questions (you know, those ones that are stalling your progress?) answered right away. By attending these Masterminds, you will learn, grow and make leaps in your business. And you get four included in your All-in membership package! What’s not to love?! Membership is open for March, so get in quick! I want to keep the numbers manageable so that you can maximise your time in the group and I can give you and your business the attention you deserve. Looking forward to seeing you in there! Niki x