I love to work with driven, determined women who are committed to growing their businesses.

During this six week marketing intensive, we will take you from feeling overwhelmed to a confident business leader with a strong brand and focused marketing plan.

  • Do you want to be able to show up for your family, at the same time as creating your own success?
  • Do you feel excited about growing your business, but overwhelmed at just how much there is to do?
  • Do you spend lots of time thinking about all of the creative and fun things you could do within your business, but deep down you know that none of it can happen unless you work on the ‘boring’ bits?
  • Do you understand that marketing is key to your success, but don’t know exactly what you should be doing or saying, to whom, when and where?
  • Do you spend hours of your (limited) time searching for answers, joining facebook groups and downloading guides & freebies that promise the world, but ultimately leave you feeling spread too thin so nothing changes?
  • Imagine if you could start every day feeling calm and excited to begin because you know exactly what you need to focus on to create real change and growth within your business. Picture opening up your laptop to get started on exactly the right tasks that are going to ensure you succeed and knowing that every minute you spend working hard on your business is taking you in exactly the right direction towards the goals you are so focused on achieving. Imagine ending every day satisfied that you have had the most productive day possible and prepared and excited to carry on tomorrow.

Once we’ve started working together, you will no longer feel confused in terms of what to focus on first for marketing and sales, but energised and excited as you move faster towards your goals.

You will understand how to get the most out of the limited time you have, by prioritising, focusing and with my full support.

You will understand exactly what you need to do in order to make money faster in your business.

We’ll put in place a strategy that allows you to be creative and have fun while growing your business on solid foundations. You’ll be completely aligned with your purpose and clear on what your business stands for, the difference you want to make and how you are going to get started.

You’ll wake up every morning excited about what you will achieve during the day ahead because you have absolute clarity on who you are selling to, how you can help them and how to communicate with them. No more wondering whether you’re saying the right thing in the right way, you will have absolute confidence that all of your brand communications are working together to help build your business.

  • Develop techniques and tools to help you grow in confidence and learn to love selling and making money.
  • Clarify why your business needs a strong, authentic brand and the precise steps you need to follow in order to create yours.
  • Create and apply your brand identity so that your unique personality, values, appearance, messaging and tone of voice are documented and will begin working consistently to attract your ideal customers into your business.
  • Define exactly who your ideal customers are, as well as how to create offers and marketing that appeals to them.
  • Understand where you sit within your market, what messaging to use, where to find your ideal customers and how to speak to them in an authentic way and at the perfect time so that they become loyal, raving fans!
  • Help you to develop a new respect for and understanding of consistency - the need to maintain a consistent brand AND to take consistent action.


6 x 1-hour weekly call via Zoom

Unlimited support via online management tool between calls

Feedback on your brand, positioning, business strategy & communications

A bespoke summary of your brand in a format that will enable you to confidently create all future posts, communications and campaigns

Your strategic marketing plan for the next six months

All workbooks provided in pdf format for you to keep

Your investment in order to achieve this is £1500.

If you’re feeling ready to focus on building a clear and consistent brand and leveraging it to make more money within your business then book your complimentary Discovery Call and let’s get started!

Do you have questions before we get started? Drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you.