10 tried and tested ways to boost your business

Boosting your business involves either growing your customer base, or increasing the amount of products and/ or services you are selling to existing customers, or both! Ten tried and tested ways to boost your business would be:

  1. Create a database of potential customers and start calling (B2B) or emailing (B2C) – making it personal each time.
  2. Send a time-sensitive, subscriber-only special offer to your customer database.
  3. Create an offer, publish it on social media and pay to boost this post for the same amount as one sale will generate in revenue. Any additional sales = profit. For example, if you sell greetings cards and generate £2 profit per card, pay £2 to boost your post and see how many more cards you can sell.
  4. Send new customers a thank you email with an exclusive and time-sensitive offer.
  5. Contact every customer who bought from you within the last week/ month/ quarter and ask them for feedback as well as whether you can help the with anything now. Make sure you ask for their permission to publish this feedback as a testimonial too.
  6. Create an ‘early bird’ offer for a new product or service and promote to your database as well as via social media.
  7. Research new ways to promote your business locally and in real life. Get out from behind your desk and attend networking events/ gala days/ industry events, whatever is relevant and appropriate for your business.
  8. Organise the design and print of flyers & posters – always with a special offer and code so that you can track the success of the campaign – then hit the streets! Always include a call to action (CTA) and a unique offer so that you can track which venues are the most effective for generating business leads
  9. Create on-brand posts using online design software (free tools exist). Use quotes and messages targeted to your ideal customer and share regularly via your social channels. Don’t be too sales-y, your ratio should be at least two fun/ relevant messages to every one sales message.
  10. Join facebook groups that are relevant to your business but DO NOT SPAM! Start engaging with group members, answering questions, asking and answering some yourself, always being careful to position yourself as an expert, without coming across as arrogant. Once you have become an active member in each group, begin promoting your business (according to group rules) and your potential customers will be ready and prepared to listen.

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