Simply Connect Event – Edinburgh Networking Event

There was a time when the idea of public speaking terrified me. Red flush, sweaty palms (full disclosure: sweaty everything), full on terror. And networking? Forget that.

So hosting a regular networking event involving speaking, out loud, in front of strangers, was never part of the plan. But, plans change and so has my outlook. In a word association game, ‘fun’ would now be my first response to ‘networking’.

Maybe it’s because at almost forty I’ve suddenly got more to say. Or maybe with two crazy, wonderful kids and a husband who works anti-social hours I’ll take any excuse to get out and be social. Either way, I love meeting strangers. And my favourite type of stranger is a female business-owning stranger. I LOVE hearing the stories behind these businesses, how women are juggling life and work and what clever methods they’ve used to create demand for their products, services and brands.

That’s the idea behind Simply Connect. A monthly meet-up where female entrepreneurs and businesswomen can get together and make connections in a relaxed and non sales-y atmosphere. The aim is simple, to bring together like-minded women to support each other, share stories and answer business questions. Guest speakers will feature (get in touch if you would like to speak) and share their business stories as well as any approaches or techniques that have worked particularly well for them while growing their business. 

Meet ups run twice monthly, a morning Meetup on the first Wednesday of the month at The Granary in Leith, Edinburgh and an evening Meetup on the last Tuesday of the month at Rabble in Edinburgh city centre. Sign up so that we know you’re joining us and find out who else you can meet on the day. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!