• I have been having monthly sessions with Niki and I have made great progress in all the areas I needed to tackle. I am so pleased to be working with Niki and here is why! 1. Her warm but no BS attitude enabling you to progress 2. Her wealth of knowledge and contacts 3. She cares and is passionate about your passions 4. She structures your thoughts when you are in deep creative mode I could go on and am happy to speak to anyone deciding on whether to work with Niki.

    Felicity Copeland Creator of Mini French
  • I should really be writing a nice sensible, articulate review about my experience working with Niki so far - however - I am too excited to be sensible. DO IT! She is amazing. I am in session 3 and already feel more relaxed, enthusiastic, confident and focused on my business aspirations, hopes and long-term plan than I ever thought possible. I am currently walking around with my Brand Essence sheet showing pretty much everyone as I am so excited!

    Kirsty Bell Creator of My Happy Journal
  • I had my first ever business coaching session this week and I’m so pleased that it was with Niki. She was so positive and really encouraging. She just had this way of telling me things I ought to be doing without making me feel like I was doing things wrong. Niki oozes confidence and is incredibly knowledgeable; it's so easy to trust everything she says. Her own businesses are amazing so you can’t help but be inspired by her.

    Claire Houston Owner, Claire Houston Baby & Child Massage
  • Niki has helped me tremendously in getting started with my business. I felt like she "got" me straight away and she understood where I was coming from with my ideas. She gave me practical information and advice about how to get up and running and helped me develop a plan. Most importantly she has given me the confidence I needed to believe in myself and my business.

    Marie O'Neill Mindfulness Coach & Interfaith Celebrant
  • Niki is such a massive wealth of information AND experience. Often meeting business "coaches" it becomes clear they have never known the day to day slogs and challenges of propelling a start-up business. Niki is different. With her insight and systematic approach she can fully connect with you and your business and help you to create strategies that will make your business a success.

    Tricia Murray Founder of the Birth and Baby Academy
  • Niki has really helped me to take control of my business. Before I started working with her I felt I was on an endless wheel – working all hours but not getting very far. I have really benefited from Niki’s enthusiasm, experience and passion for business over the past few months. She has helped me to use social media more effectively, improve my branding and set goals for myself but all in a realistic way. I cannot recommend Niki highly enough.

    Lynne Munro Online gift store owner
  • Thank you for giving me some great guidance on areas that I can focus on over the next few weeks. It was a really useful first session and afterwards I felt lighter and a weight off my shoulders. Just by talking things through with you I now have a much clearer direction and can make some simple changes which will help with bringing more customers through my business on a regular basis.

    Beverley Anderson Play Cafe Owner
  • Niki Hutchison the creator of Step It Up Dance, is an inspirational businesswoman! Niki started off small and has used her marketing skills to build Step It Up Dance into such a brilliant company which really gives a personal touch. Niki's energy and enthusiasm are boundless, you can see that she really believes in what she’s doing.

    Marti Jeremiah-Shelley Social Media Manager