How to Wow – Ways to dazzle and delight your customers.

As always, delighting your customers is far more simple than it may first seem.

Number one when trying to keep your customers happy is COMMUNICATION!

My other business, Step It Up Dance, enjoys fantastic customer reviews and satisfaction levels. As well as always delivering the best service and value as we possibly can, we achieve these great satisfaction levels by communicating as quickly and openly as possible with our customers.

Within Step It Up Dance this means communicating:

  • Any class changes as early as possible
  • Who our team is made up of – Teacher Feature. This is a feature on our blog where we showcase one teacher every month and ask them a series of questions that we then publish, along with a photograph, on the blog. This allows our customers to find out more about their child’s individual teacher and develop that relationship.
  • Nursery posters – we display posters in the nurseries that we teach in. These include the Step It Up Dance teacher’s name, so that parents feel more involved in the class and aware of who is teaching their child every week.
  • Holding emails – we have a permanent auto-responder on the account, letting parents know that we are often busy out delivering classes and not at our desks, but if they do need to contact us urgently, they can do so via the company mobile and we provide them with this number.
  • Texting parents with important information, as well as emailing, just in case they didn’t see or receive the email.
  • Emailing parents once a term via Mailchimp to communicate what their child has been learning that term, who their teacher is, the aims for the term, when their next recital or show will be held, etc.
  • Feedback – so important. We ask for feedback pretty much every time a parent gets in touch with us as we truly want to hear it all, good and bad. Some of our best improvements have been based on receiving feedback, or constructive criticism, giving us the insight we need to improve certain things. We also randomly select one parent from each class, every term, to call for feedback. We have developed a script so that we can simply pick up the phone and call each term.
  • Personal touches – this is something we have recently introduced, which has already begun to deliver in a big way. We now send out the following items to our customers at specific times:
    • Birthday cards – to every child on our database during their birthday month (ideally on, or just before the actual day) to say Happy Birthday and show that we value them as a person, not just a number or £ sign.
    • ‘You’re Amazing’ postcards – our teachers nominate one of their classes, whenever they feel that they have done particularly well. We then send out a postcard to each child within the class, naming them individually and letting them know that their (named) teacher has nominated them to receive this postcard and why (because of their hard work and commitment for example).
    • ‘Thank you’ postcards – we have recently sent these out to parents who stuck by us when we had to move our classes from a certain venue to a new one. Our old venue (where we had been running classes for four years) closed down unexpectedly and the majority of our customers moved with us to one of our two new venues. Some also had to adjust to a new teacher. We sent thank you postcards to everyone for sticking with us despite these changes.