Five ways to increase the visibility of your business

The single most important thing to focus on when launching or growing your business is visibility.

There are lots of different ways you can do this, here are five to start you off

1. Advertise – this may seem like an obvious one to start with but I don’t simply mean throw loads of money into the hands of publishers/ facebook/ anywhere at all without thinking about it seriously first. (Watch my video within my free facebook community to find out what you need to think about before spending any money on advertising). The right advertising opportunity is of course a great way to raise awareness and visibility BUT if you’re paying for a print ad, always ask what editorial space will be included, as complementary editorial is often more compelling, and more trusted than just an ad which the reader knows has been paid for.

2. Build a community – whether this be a facebook group, a physical community (live meetups), a regular virtual catch-up, whatever works for you and helps you to grow your audience. Remember to give value first, rather than swooping in to promote too often.

3. Build your mailing list. Every mailing list has to start somewhere (obviously) so no matter how many people are on your current list, start thinking of ways you can grow this list … and commit to mailing them regularly.

4. Collaborate – think about other businesses and brands that complement yours and have an existing audience and come up with fun, logical collaborations that you could create together. Then approach them and see what you can make happen.

5. Be consistent – whatever you decide to do from the above list (and I would recommend doing them all), you need to do them consistently. I read recently that you should treat your audience as you would a friend and be reliable, don’t be all over them one day then not in touch for weeks.

So get out there, work through the list and do whatever you can to attract more eyes onto your business. And have fun while you’re doing it!

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