Featured by the Female Entrepreneur Association

Recently I was given the opportunity to take part in an online Q & A within the Members Club of the Female Entrepreneur Association and tonight I grabbed it with both hands! Launched by Carrie Green in 2012, the FEA is an online community of almost 600,000 ambitious, bright, driven female business owners from all over the world. I am both a member of the community and a huge fan.

The topic was online courses and as part of my plan to launch an online course in January 2018 (how’s that for some accountability?) I asked the panel questions around different formats within online courses, lead magnets (how to attract students) and pricing. They shared their experiences and insights around how to create and sell a valuable, profitable course. If you’re a member of the FEA, you can watch the replay here. I’ve also shared an image from the replay on instagram.

Yes, I was way out of my comfort zone, yes I had to make sacrifices and call in favours to make this happen tonight (thank you, you know who you are!) and yes, it was absolutely worth it to have such a valuable experience. I’m investing so much time, energy and planning into creating this course and tonight confirmed my belief that I will achieve it. I can’t wait to launch my first online course and help female business owners shorten their journey from struggling start up to profitable business.

From Zero To Profit: How to make more money every month

My main takeaways were to build, build, build a community at all times, to ask them questions and build my own credibility as much as possible before launching. Also to talk to people live as often as possible (rather than hiding behind slides or visuals) and to be really specific about exactly what the transformation will be for those who complete my course.

I’ll blog more about my course creation journey and share lots more details along the way but for now I’m enjoying the feeling of achievement and having ticked one amazing task of this particular to do list. What’s out of your comfort zone but on your to do list?