Not Another New You!

Excuse the scribbles, there’s a point to it.

I think the number of ‘New Year, New You’ campaigns I’ve seen this week might have tipped into double figures and I’m unimpressed! This message is generic, catch-all and could apply to any number of fitness, health, wellness or really any type of business offering a ‘fresh start’ this month.

But I’m aware that sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration, hard to identify exactly who you should be speaking to, what you should be saying or even where to start.

I feel fortunate to have studied and worked in marketing since my first work experience placement at the age of 14 (with Faulds Advertising for those in the industry who remember them – and no, that wasn’t yesterday!). So I’m lucky to have spent years learning the benefits of thinking differently, discovering how to speak to your ideal customer and crafting live campaigns doing just that.

The point of all of this for me is that originality, creativity, genuine customer benefits and demonstrating the uniqueness of individual businesses (and their owners) are what matters. The point is not imitation, copying, the easy option or carelessness.

We can do better!

Whether it’s a product, service or piece of marketing, aim to create something that’s genuinely new (and doesn’t just say it is), something that’s beneficial to your niche, will stand up to scrutiny and stand out against the competition. Create something real and sell it authentically in a way that piques interest and attracts the curious.

It’s time to expose the real you, not the ‘new you’.

If you would like help to build your business using authentic, strategic and thoughtful techniques, book a call with me and let’s get started, I would love to hear from you.